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The people of Crested Butte pride themselves as being “Green” AND active. We’re more in tune with our environment because we’re outside more, whether hiking, biking, skiing, or just taking it all in. We view the great outdoors as our home, not someplace, as Woody Allen said, “that you have to go through to get to your taxi.”

We enjoy riding our bikes and walking through town in all of our special weather. We have an Office of Resource Efficiency (ORE). We have bike racks in front of every business and home. (Count the bikes at the Eldo on a Friday night.) We have the “Townie Takeover”. Our town buses are subsidized to provide free transportation.

Our town has long taken the enlightened position that more and better roadways don’t solve traffic problems; they just create more traffic.

Historically, we have used this argument to oppose county & state projects such as adding lanes to highway 135, and the paving of Kebler Pass and Cottonwood Pass. We have used a pedestrian bridge to cross Coal Creek on Butte Avenue rather than a vehicular one to improve the quality of life in one of our neighborhoods. We have even ripped out a section of Whiterock Ave through the existing town park in spite of the fact it was a major east/west access from the east side of town and created a 4-block area without a cross street.

Even those most affected at the time now appreciate it as beneficial to everyone.

To protect existing open spaces and develop new open spaces within Crested Butte and the Upper Gunnison Valley. To improve the quality and safety of pedestrian circulation and alternative transportation in our community.

Foot prints

Foot prints

Current Fundraising efforts
inCrestedButte.com: In a marketing effort for the Crested Butte Valley, we've been conspiring on a brilliant web marketing tool for several years now. These development efforts have an intention of combining many of the local Photography artists to compliment a very visual perspective of Gunnison Vally starting in Crested Butte. What has not been present with the Chamber's, Town's, TA's websites are the panoramic views that are Paradise in the Crested Butte valley.

Our visitors are are from all walks of life; given. They have their diverse interests. Crested Butte has Public Amenities, Wilderness, Geography, History and popular activities. The local Crested Butte prides itself a very flavorful mix of creative events by passion and season. (Whoa! do we ever) If you take these three areas and overlay them on a magnificent panoramic, birds-eye perspective, you have the opportunity to mix the vistor's interest with the area's offerings. Brilliant really.


The area platted as 8th Street represents the last great open space for pedestrians within our town. We have an incredible opportunity for a pedestrian park that should not be lost. But this is just one part of a real pedestrian plan for Crested Butte.

FEET FIRST started as a group of neighbors on the East side of town who were concerned by long-range plans displacing existing pedestrian space with a new street. Even though everything in town is within walking distance, the experience can be less than pleasant when you are sharing spaces designed for cars and not people. This may be the reason we give lip service to walking, but jump in our cars to travel two blocks. Crested Butte has a traffic problem, but not the one we think. What has been perceived and battled as a vehicular problem is really a pedestrian problem. We have congested streets because we don’t have safe or inviting places to walk. The greatest irony in Crested Butte is that we are a pedestrian community without a pedestrian circulation system.

The mission of FEET-FIRST is to expand the pedestrian network throughout the community and improve the quality of the pedestrian experience in Crested Butte.

Crested Butte has long supported the protection of open spaces beyond the city limits; we believe it should be the same priority within the town. While it is very important to have the undeveloped areas outside of our town, it is even more valuable to have them within the community where they are accessible to us every day. We need to create beautiful, safe walkways along all the major parts of town to make walking the experience it should be. We don’t need to implement Draconian measures such as banning cars in town or issuing “campus parking passes” to locals to achieve this. We simply need to favor pedestrian solutions over vehicular ones. Working with our town representatives and staff, we need to do everything we can to make walking easier and driving less seductive. Given our town’s pride in being “Green”, we think that making these concepts part of the town’s master plan will reduce our traffic problems while improving our quality of life.

The quality and safety of the pedestrian experience throughout town is our goal. We also believe this experience is directly related to our vehicular traffic issues. People who are offered a safe, pleasant walking, biking or nordic skiing experience are less inclined to drive.


1. You get to be outside.

2. You’re using muscle power, not fossil fuels.

3. There is always a great parking spot for your bike.

4. It’s usually quicker than driving.

5. You’re saving money. Those short car trips add up.

6. It’s quieter.

7. Your friends recognize you by you, not by your car.

8. You can walk and talk on your cell phone without endangering others.